Laikipia makes it to the 52 Places to go in 2017 by New York Times

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For the 12th straight year, the Travel section of New  York Times presents its annual Places to Go issue, interestingly at number 47 is none other than Laikipia county amplifying our commitment and urge of selling land in this amazing county.

Ol Al Nyiro Ranch in Laikipia county

The paper ranks the best places to visit around the world, Laikipia was ranked among other world destinations like Atacama Desert in Chile, Zermatt in Switzerland and Grand Teton National park, Wyoming.

Among the specific places in Laikipia that the paper recommends as a must visit is the Borana Conservancy, a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to the sustainable Conservation of critical Habitat and wildlife.

Also given a special mention is a newly opened property called Arijiju famous for guides who take guests on excursions including fly fishing, trail running, horseback riding and tree canopy tours.

Arijiju Retreat.jpg
Arijiju Retreat in Laikipia

Laikipia is the only location that made it to the list while other places in Africa ranked are Botswana in 5th position,   Moroccan city of Marrakesh (11) Madagascar(19) and Gabon in position (27)

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Additional information courtesy of Hilary Kimuyu of the Daily Nation and the New York Times



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